The SiLiMiXT Company works on the porous silicon technology transfer from the GREMAN Laboratory UMR-7347 (University of Tours) associated with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

For its production and R&D activities SiLiMiXT works into the technological platform of the semi public-private Research Center on Microelectronics (CERTeM). This platform is located inside the STMicroelectronics company in Tours and includes processing equipment (PVD, CVD, Photolithography, wet etching, RIE, Ion implantation,... ) and measurement equipment (FTIR, Spectroscopic ellipsometry, SEM, Gravimetric analysis, Wafer level probe stations, ...) inside a clean room of 450m².

SiLiMiXT develops porous silicon technologies (PSi products, process equipment and maintenance) in collaboration with the GREMAN Laboratory UMR-7347 and the LAY CONCEPT Company specialist in equipment manufacturing of wet cleaning and wet etching semiconductor materials.