Porous silicon wafers Porous silicon membranes Bragg mirrors Lift-off ready PSi layer

Porous silicon wafers

    Production of homogeneous porous silicon (PSi) wafers:

    • micro, meso and macro PSi layer substrates
    • PSi multilayered structures
    • PSi covered surface: 100% or edge excluded
    • Localized PSi wells
    We adjust our processing conditions according to your needs in thickness, porosity and morphology.
    Please contact us and describe your need contact@silimixt.com

    Mesoporous silicon Macroporous Microporous-filled macropores

Porous silicon Membranes

    All membranes are flexible and fully porous.

  • PSi membranes on polymeric films

    • High surface area PSi membranes from 1cm² to 300cm² (8'' wafer).
    • Porosity : [45 – 70] %.
    • Pore size : [10 to 60] nm.
    156x156 mm² membrane
    of 2µm thick
    8 inches diameter PSi membrane
    of 50µm

  • Freestanding PSi membranes
  • Large variety of flexible membranes suitable for gas or liquid filtration applications, electronic devices substrates,….

    • Square or rectangular-shaped membranes from 1 to 10cm² and higher.
    • Ranging parameters:
      • Thicknesses: 30 and 50µm.
      • Porosity : [45 – 50] %.
      • Pore size : [10 to 15] nm.
    Freestanding PSi membranes 4x4cm² of 50µm Freestanding PSi membranes 1x1cm² of 50µm

    Please contact us for any further information and possibilities about these membranes contact@silimixt.com

Bragg mirror like reflectors

    By controlling the porosity and the thickness of multilayered PSi structures, we can change the PSi surface reflection coefficient in VIS and IR light and produces reflector like Bragg mirrors.

    Multilayered PSi structures Blue light
    6’’ wafer reflector
    4x4 cm²
    PSi membrane Bragg mirrors
    on polymeric films
    Bragg mirrors

    Please contact us for any particular reflectance need contact@silimixt.com

Lift-off ready PSi layers on silicon

    We can produce lift-able dense PSi layers on silicon.Compatible with microelectronics device processing.
    • 100% surface area PSi wafers
    • Pre-cut silicon substrates
    Lift-able PSi structures Lift-off

    Please contact us for any sizes, porosities and thicknesses contact@silimixt.com